Yoga For Everyone

Our Yoga classes are designed to accomodate different levels of Yoga experience, Yoga instructors also help adjust postures, posess, body alignment and modifying when needed to decrease or increase difficulty levels based on individual yoga experience.

Copper Fitness Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a broad term for Yoga practices that focus on the physical Yoga postures called asanas. The nature of Hatha Yoga is slow and gentle pace, ideal for those new to Yoga. Student will practice various asana positions taking several breaths in between poses. Hatha Yoga will  help align your body and calm your mind and spirit in preparation for meditation.

Pranayama Yoga

Breathing exercises known as pranayama are essential in the development of Yoga practice. Learning to properly breath along with each asana pose helps keep calm while stabilizing the body and bringing focus to the mind. These techniques help the participant in maintaining proper form especially during some of the more complex Yoga movements.

Yoga poses

Modern Yoga classes perform physical forms of Yoga poses called asana. Asana comes from Sanskrit word meaning seat or posture. In the early teachings of Yoga most asanas where for meditation, but with Yoga arriving in the western world and influenced by new teachings many variety of asana positions have evolved today.  

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Green Valley and Sahuarita Yoga

Copper Fitness Gym brings to you one of our most popular classes offered. No need to drive down to Tucson for Yoga when you have a premier fitness facility that offers Yoga classes right here in Green Valley and Sahuarita community.

Many believe that in order to do Yoga you must be top physical shape, or be very flexible which is not the case. Our Yoga coaches bring years of experience with the desire to make each one of our class participants feel welcomed with the patience to help all levels of Yoga experience.

Come and join our Yoga classes today!