Silver Sneakers Classic

Silver Sneakers Classic features low impact workouts that are designed to increase muscle strength and improve mobility for active daily living. Standing exercises use small hand held weights for muscle toning, elastic bands for resistance training exercises and a chair is used for support in sitting exercises.

Silver Sneakers Benefits

Full Gym Access

As a Silver Sneakers member you will have access to all the gym amenities and equipment that our standard gym members enjoy. Feel free to jump on a treadmill, or stationary bike, prefer to use free weights or resistance machines, the choice is yours.

Staying Active

Staying active in life for older adults is important in both men and woman. Loss of strength and stamina is mostly due to inactivity and participating in some form of physical activities has many health benefits. Silver Sneakers Classic is designed with day to day body movements to help you live a healthy, active and independent lifestyle.

Get Social

Many of our Silver Sneaker members have found the social aspect of the class to be the most beneficial. Come and meet or make new friends in our very friendly group setting class room and experience for yourself how everyone encourages and motivate each other.

Ready To Join Our Friendly Community?

Take a look at our Silver Sneakers Video and see the types of physical activities you will perform during a Silver Sneakers Classic class. All movements can be modified to fit personal fitness level.

Copper Fitness Gym is a certified partner and provider of the Silver Sneaker Program. We maintain a trained staff to ensure proper deliverance of Silver Sneakers Classic as it was intended. Our fitness facility is equipped with the proper workout equipment for all our participating members.