Insuarnce Plans & Prequalification.

Copper Fitness is a part of a variety of insurance networks whose reach expands nationwide. Qualifying and maintaining the certification to partner with these large insurance networks has allowed us the opportunity to serve people from all over our great nation without any out of pocket expense for the usage of our facilities.  This partnership has not only allowed us to serve our great community of winter visitors from all over the United States but many local residents and employers as well.  Check your eligibility following the links at the bottom of the page, or submit your information to us using the form below.  Participating Plans include BlueCross Blue Sheild, United Health Care, and Medica.

Please provide the address you provided your insurance company.
Enter the number provided by your insurance group in relation to a gym membership such as a Fitness ID or Silver Sneaker number. If one wasn't provided continue with form.

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