High Intensity Training

Our Cross Training program will get you in complete physical shape with a variety of workouts of the day in a friendly and supporting yet competitive group setting.

Benefits of Cross Training

Most people experience the feeling of "plateauing" or a hitting the"wall" in their physical fitness workout at least once. This happens because your workouts have become routine and your body has adapted to your workout essentially not pushing your body.

 Cross Training  surpass these plateaus by focusing on multiple body muscle groups with various exercises. Each day brings out a different set of workouts, from various disciplines that include cardio, strength, mobility and recovery. This ensures that your body never gets comfortable and pushes your physical fitness levels to new heights.

All workouts can be modified to each individuals fitness level, and are encouraged to push there limits without overdoing the workout.

What is Cross Training?

Cross Training isn't a single type of excersise, instead Cross Training combines several workout activities to target a variety of muscles and body parts. This leads to increased improvement in strength, conditioning and prevents muscle injury from overuse.

Strength Building

Cross Training builds strength by combining several workout activities from aerobic conditioning, strength training and balance training, that workout your entire body not just one muscle group. We guarantee that each new "work out of the day" will push your body to it's limits, improving your overall fitness level, build stronger muscles and get you that chiseled body you deserve with Copper Fitness Cross Training. 

Injury Prevention

Over using muscles is one of the biggest factor in physical fitness related injuries. One of the biggest benefits of  Cross Training is that it helps prevent injury by using multiple muscle and body parts, spreading the workout load to other muscles and also making them stronger. All workouts start with a warm up and stretching and end with a cool down.  

Active Recovery

Active recovery involves resting a particular body part, muscle or joint but still being able to workout. With cross training you can still train and use other alternative workouts that avoid your injuries but still allow you to exercise. When done correctly active recovery has shown to boost recovery time by helping the body stay active and increase blood flow.

Work Out of The Day

Cross Training exercises consists of various workouts that aim to increase these physical traits: cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, agility, flexibility, accuracy, balance and coordination.

Each day will bring "work outs of the day" that will challenge the participant in a fun competitive group setting.

It's not about beating your peers as much as it is besting your prior scores, that is the challenge.

Copper Fitness Cross Training Classes forming weekly, all fitness levels are encouraged to participate, the only requirement is an attitude to become a better you!

AMRAP 20 minutes
10 sit-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats

About Us

We are a locally owned business that started with two life long friends with a passion for life and connecting with others. Our goal is to make Copper Fitness not only the best workout facility but a social gathering where our Green Valley and Sahuarita community can meet and inspire each other. We are proud to support our schools, business' and charities right here in our local community.


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